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Friday, April 3, 2015

In early 2014, SAWBO collaborated with students from Njala University at Sierra Leone to create an Ebola Prevention animation. Now, together with collaborators like Thomas Songu, SAWBO is able to distribute these videos and educate members of the community in an simple but effective way that was not previously possible.

SAWBO's animations have been voice overlaid in more than 50 different languages.  Volunteers from all over the world have made this happen, helping us to make SAWBO animations more accessible to more people.  All animations are given out freely to anyone who wants to use them for educational purposes only. Please visit SAWBO's Video Library where you can watch or download all our videos in any available language. DO NOT re-post any of our videos on YouTube.  All SAWBO videos are available on the SAWBO YouTube channel.  Feel free to link to our videos on your webpage from our SAWBO YouTube channel.


SAWBO has developed more than 30 different 2D and 3D animations with voice-overs in over 50 different languages. We work in three main areas: Agriculture, Health and Women's Empowerment. Please visit SAWBO's Video Library where you can watch or download all our videos in any available language, for free.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer to help us with voice-overs, please email us at

Friday, March 27, 2015

Subsistence farmers around the world are learning how to construct raised planting beds and install drip irrigation systems to improve their crops and perhaps even halt the rapid advance of desertification in some drought-prone regions.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Whether the need is to educate people in West Africa about preventing Ebola or to train farmers in Latin America on preventing postharvest loss, Scientific Animations without Borders has an app for that. The Deployer app enables users to view, download and freely share SAWBO’s ever-growing video library over Bluetooth connections.

Spring/Summer 2015

In 2014, an Ebola virus epidemic hit parts of West Africa, and experts and officials at Illinois did their part to educate local residents, mitigate dangers to its students abroad, and assist those potentially in harm's way.

Working with international collaborators, SAWBO created an Ebola prevention video that is now being distributed in Serra Leone.