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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Earlier this year, Tonga declared a dengue fever outbreak after reporting several cases in the first two months of 2015. The Ministry of Health in Tonga and SAWBO worked closely together to find a quick and easy way to spread information that could help the population there learn how to deal with and prevent spreading the virus.

SAWBO's animations have been voice overlaid in more than 60 different languages. Volunteers from all over the world have made this happen, helping us to make SAWBO animations more accessible to more people. All animations are given out freely to anyone who wants to use them for educational purposes only. Please visit SAWBO's Video Library where you can watch or download all our videos in any available language. DO NOT re-post any of our videos on YouTube.  All SAWBO videos are available on the SAWBO YouTube channel.  Feel free to link to our videos on your webpage from our SAWBO YouTube channel.  You can find all SAWBO publications on our Publications Page.

SAWBO has developed more than 30 different 2D and 3D animations with voice-overs in over 50 different languages. We work in three main areas: Agriculture, Health and Women's Empowerment. Please visit SAWBO's Video Library where you can watch or download all our videos in any available language, for free.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer to help us with voice-overs, please email us at

Monday, June 29, 2015

SAWBO draws on the power of animation to share vital health, agricultural and women’s empowerment information with people living around the world.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

(Reuters Health) – Impoverished communities across the globe are receiving lifesaving tips for dealing with disease, draught and depression from short, user-friendly videos that are free online. The free videos – more than 40 at this point - are produced by Scientific Animations Without Borders, or SAWBO which was founded in 2011 by Barry Pittendrigh and Julia Bello-Bravo of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.


You can view all of SAWBO's publications here.

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2015

This ICT Update article tells how SAWBO is connecting local and global experts to create and deploy educational content for low-literate learners in the form of animated videos.